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  • So What Is
    • We Just want to give People the RIGHT they deserve when they Buy A new Phone. Why Should you be stuck with One Service Provider!? Use; invite some friends, and share the freedom! Our Services are Completely Free! With no Obligations at all! Just Unlock; (Tell Some Friends) and Go! Any Sim Card around the world will be accepted by your phone!
  • How Do These Codes Work?
    • Every DCT4 (The Nokia's We can Unlock) has a Specific lock set by the Greedy Service Providers. Fortunately, to work out the codes around the world are same; the only difference is the IMEI and the Service Provider Will Alter the Codes that is Unique for your Phone. Which then Entering of the Codes, Your Service Providers Lock, will be unlocked.. Instantly. The Great Part about it that your Service Provider Will never know, AND its Completely Legal!
  • Why is it Free When My Service Provider is Charging Me.
    • We feel that everyone has the right to an unlocked phone on purchase. Service Providers have no right to place you with a lock; you paid for it didn't you!? However, it seems that they have all the right to charge you a ridicules fee of unlocking, which is just wrong! This legal method of unlocking your phone is Safe, Fast and Easy; your service Provider can't say a Word! 
  • Where Can I Read More Faq's?
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