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    • I Got An Error? Why?
      • You either got an error because your IMEI is invalid, your Service Provider was not selected or you did not agree to the terms and conditions checkbox above the Generate Button.
    • Why is My IMEI invalid?
      • Your IMEI may be invalid because it has been tampered with; or repairs and extra parts may have set your IMEI to another number. Your IMEI must not include and slashes, or any other characters apart from numbers, This is very important. There is not bypass method to generate your codes if your IMEI is invalid.
    • Are All Unlocking Codes Different?
      • Yes, All Unlocking codes are different, that's why you must make sure everything is Exact, otherwise it will not work. Please do not use the same code for one phone
    • I Need More Help.
      • You can visit our Help Page for more information.